P&B Foods M&E Contracting

M&E Contracting

A new 15724 m2 warehouse for P&B Foods, consisting of a production facility and 3 storey offices, was constructed to consolidate P&B Foods existing facilities into a new state-of-the-art building, along with provision of services for new plant.

KNG developed the M&E services to ensure that the production facility met the client’s service loads and exact requirements.

The M&E project included incoming electrical services; lighting, power, a solar PV array; and mechanical services to offices, the warehouse and production; ventilation, air conditioning, and compressed air systems.

We also fitted advanced energy monitoring that will provide P&B Foods with an energy profile that is far more detailed than the information offered by a traditional BEMS (Building Energy Management System).

This will also tie into production data from the solar array, helping P&B Foods calculate their carbon footprint and energy savings.