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YBS Group installs solar at YBS Bradford and Norwich & Peterborough in Peterborough

YBS Group selected GMI Energy to install solar PV on the roofs of their sites in Bradford and Peterborough

The 199kWp solar PV system at Yorkshire Building Society in Bradford is expected to generate 163,371kWh of electricity in Year 1 alone. That is enough power to meet the entire electricity needs of 36 homes. A 159kWp solar PV system at the Norwich and Peterborough site in Peterborough is expected to generate 143,837kWh of electricity in Year 1, which would be enough power to meet the electricity needs of around 32 homes.

The total annual CO2 equivalent savings in the first year will be roughly 166 tonnes.

Both projects presented installation challenges in that the roofs required special fixings and designs for the panels to be fitted. The roof at Yorkshire Building Society in Bradford is a slate roof, while the roof at Norwich & Peterborough in Peterborough is a hardrow roof, each with different fixings.

The installations were completed in line with GMI Energy's stringent Health & Safety requirements.

Furthermore, GMI Energy's Project Manager, Mark Roberts, coordinated a site power shut down in order for the solar PV systems to be connected to the grid. Due to the high level of security at these financial institutions, the shut down procedure required allocated time slots in which certain tasks had to be completed. Ensuring the whole process ran smoothly required meticulous planning by the GMI team.

Both sites have on-site generators for backup power. These have been interlocked with the solar PV system so that when they are activated, the solar PV system is automatically disconnected. This prevents any feedback to the system that could damage the generators and / or solar PV system.

As with all GMI Energy projects, the systems were carefully designed by our in-house team. The client wanted to maximise output from the roof area so the design team selected a slightly more efficient panel. The ELPS Canadian Solar mono crystalline panel has an efficiency of 21.1% meaning the modules deliver 6% more electricity than conventional solar modules.

The systems have been fitted with advanced monitoring hardware that enables YBS Group to view their production in near real-time. GMI Energy Facilities Management will be reporting on the performance of the systems and will be ready to respond, should any faults arise.


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