Shortlisted: Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year

GMI Energy and Thorn Lighting ‘Continuum’ energy efficient partnership identifies 26% cost savings and a 20% reduction on energy consumption at Spennymoor Factory   The Energy Awards will take place in London at the end of this month and GMI Energy has been shortlisted for the hotly contested category, Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year,...

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Germany’s Bundserat calls for EU ban on internal combustion engine

Earlier this year we reported that the market share for electric vehicles would need to rise to 16% globally by 2020 in order for manufacturers to meet fuel economy standards, which require continuous improvement of 5.7% annually. Now it has been reported that Germany’s Bundserat (a legislative body representing the sixteen states of Germany) has...

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Energy storage could save £2.4bn in the UK

A report from Navigant Research highlights the recent rapid growth rates in the global energy storage industry, suggesting that competition is driving innovation to create a progressive market that will have a major impact on grid operations at all levels.   Navigant predict that energy storage markets around the world will grow substantially in the...

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New M&E projects deliver impressive results for Vantec and P&B Foods

GMI Energy and the wider GMI Group provide a range of services, including construction, civil engineering, M&E (mechanical and electrical), energy management and renewable energy. This is what helps us to ensure every energy project we deliver is carefully integrated into existing building and business requirements. GMI Energy has recently completed two major M&E projects...

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Solar PV in 2016 – what has changed?

Almost three years ago we featured a two-part solar series on 2degrees network to help others understand the complexities of solar PV finance models and determine if it is a worthwhile investment. Fast-forward to 2016 and we ask what has changed and is there still a business case for solar PV?   Like many energy-related...

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How lighting set to transform the way we manage our spaces

Image credit: Techworld Lighting represents about 19% of all global electricity consumption but only a small percentage of lighting in commercial buildings is controlled by anything other than a simple on/off switch. This is set to change, as lighting will play a central role in building management and connection to the Internet of Things.  ...

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How monitoring and controls transform battery services

Battery storage is not a new technology but the increasing affordability of lithium ion batteries and emerging technologies, like vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB), has made them the subject of much discussion in the renewables and wider energy industry.   Batteries have the potential to solve a number of challenges we currently face in our...

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Approval delayed for Hinkley Point C

The government has postponed a final decision for the approval of nuclear power station Hinkley Point C, after a recent board decision to move forward with the contracts.   The newly appointed Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, said, “The UK needs a reliable and secure energy...

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Concerns and opportunities raised as DECC is merged with BIS to form the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The flurry of recent changes in our Government and departure from the EU has naturally left those in the energy industry feeling uncertain about what our future policies will look like.   Following Teresa May’s appointment as Prime Minister, the former Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has now been scrapped and merged with...

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Electric vehicles could make up 16% of the global market share by 2020

*infographic from World Energy Council report The World Energy Council has recently published a report that states that the market share for electric vehicles (EVs) will need to rise to 16% globally by 2020 in order for manufacturers to meet fuel economy standards. At present, electric vehicles account for less than 1% of the global market...

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