BEIS release energy statistics for 2016 and there are a few surprises

The Department for Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) released their annual energy report today with updated energy statistics from Q4 and the whole of 2016. The results are mixed with some good news, as coal production falls by 51% to an all time low and renewables still represent over 45% of electricity generation.   Household...

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National Grid reports new landmark figure for UK solar generation

Saturday 25th March marked a historic day for solar energy in the UK, as National Grid reported that Transmission system demand for the afternoon dipped below the overnight demand for the first time ever thanks to solar generation.   Overnight transmission system demand has historically always been lower than afternoon demand. On Saturday, however, the...

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Rhubarb triangle – will West Yorkshire become the heart of the battery energy revolution?

The Rhubarb Triangle between Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield is famous for growing early forced rhubarb, once producing 90% of the world’s winter forced rhubarb. Now the vegetable is playing its part in solving our energy crisis, as a research team from Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has created a...

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RHI Changes from Spring 2017

RHI tariff changes from spring 2017 could encourage large-scale biomass investment   Last year the government announced a consultation for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) tariff that subsidises renewable heat generation. The new non-domestic rates that resulted from this consultation are now due to come into force this spring. It is important to note that...

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Government announces £28m for energy innovation projects

The most recent green paper from the department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) highlighted the government’s recognition for clean energy, a smart grid and low emission vehicles. The paper “commits us to a programme of research and innovation in energy storage and other smart technologies which aligns with the work underway on designing...

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Expense or opportunity? The impact of our changing UK energy profile on businesses in the next 4 years

We have reached an interesting turning point in UK energy supply, one that could prove extremely costly to businesses that resist change or could financially reward those who take advantage of new technologies and schemes.   There is an urgent need to reduce energy consumption, manage energy demand and install energy efficiency measures across all...

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Cost of keeping the lights on next winter could see household energy bills rise by £30

According to Energy Live News the National Grid’s safety buffer has fallen to as low as 0.1% this year during periods of peak demand. If emergency reserves are deployed then this buffer rises to 6.6% but these reserves are tremendously expensive with these costs being passed on to consumer energy bills. Last year the average...

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Capacity Market auction is first major step towards large-scale battery storage for our grid

“We are rebuilding an archaic energy system” Greg Clark comments on new battery storage contracts awarded under the Capacity Market auction.   Last month we reported that the UK has reached an incredible milestone for renewable energy – the levelised cost (the average cost of the plant over its entire lifetime per MWh of electricity...

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BEIS cost of renewables now 27% lower for solar than previous estimate

BEIS estimated cost of electricity from solar PV falls lower than the grid, as the UK sees over half of all electricity generation in Q3 coming from renewables   Last week, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) released an electricity generation cost report that presents the levelised costs for various electricity generation...

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Workplace Charging Scheme pays businesses for installing EV charging points

The Department of Transport has announced that a £7.5 million Workplace Charging Scheme will be launched to increase the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK. The funding will be open to both public and private sector businesses and a further £2.5 million will be available to councils who install electric vehicle charging points.  ...

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