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We provide consultancy and delivery of mechanical and electrical services to your highest specified quality and energy efficiency standards. With over thirty years of experience in mechanical and electrical consultancy and contracting, our goal is to be a trusted services provider and long-term partner, delivering the highest quality installation that contributes to energy efficient buildings.

  • A unique M&E service that minimises energy cost and consumption

    Combining thirty years of experience in mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering, a background in commercial, industrial and residential construction, and seven years of experience in delivering large-scale renewable energy systems, our Building Services team offers a unique perspective, providing you with a cost-effective M&E solution that meets your required construction and energy standards.

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Sustainable Building Services

  • M&E Contracting and Consultancy

    Choose a flexible solution that fits your requirements. We have delivered building services for numerous large-scale projects across a range of sectors.

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  • Monitoring


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  • Industrial


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  • Intelligent Lighting Control


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  • Solar PV


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Contractor or Consultancy?

We can work with your chosen design team or provide design services for a fully costed mechanical and electrical scheme. We can then oversee the delivery of the building services and any ongoing maintenance, as required.